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Classic Translation of Texts

Your homepage or correspondence needs to be translated as soon as possible? You need translations for public services or courts? With the highest expertise I translate your texts into German, English or Spanish. Once your translation is finished, you will receive it in written. If a sworn translation is required, please contact me or read more on Law, Economics and Public Services. 

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Simultaneous, Consecutive & Whispered Interpretation

As a publicly appointed and sworn interpreter, I will “dub” your seminaries, proceedings, visits to a doctor and other events. Therefore, I master simultaneous interpreting (like a live “dubbing”), consecutive interpreting (rendering the speech after some time as is often seen e.g. at football & soccer press conferences) and whispered interpreting (whispered “dubbing” for 1-3 people). To leave no room for misunderstandings at your event, just contact me. 

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Copy Editing & Proofreading

A copy editing or proofreading is required for especially important documents as for example when translating a bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral thesis and dissertation or any other thesis. By proofreading and giving you advice on word choice and grammar, I assure you that you can turn in a flawless thesis free of care. Therefore, I simply need a Word-file I may edit.